Easy Hacks to earn free Fortnite V-Bucks for all platforms

get free v bucksFortnite has become one of the popular games among youth. The game is built on the same grounds as ‘Battle Royale’ and has earned a name for itself. With more than a million users, Fortnite is giving a tough competition to other games in the same category. The game offers two modes to play; Save the World Mode and Battle Royale. To unlock premium features of the game, you need to earn the virtual game currency; V-Bucks.  Though earning V-Bucks is not an easy task, you can still opt for alternative ways to get free V-Bucks.

Login Rewards

This is the simplest and effective way to earn free V-Bucks. Log in into the game daily to earn free V-Bucks. The first is at the 11 days that is 50 bucks and the next is at the 28 days that is 300 V-bucks. This requires time and consistency in the game.

Daily and Weekly Challengesfree v bucks generator

To earn free V-Bucks, you need to constantly level up your skills. Play daily missions in the game which are usually the sub-quests additional to the ongoing missions. Complete these daily missions and earn free V-bucks. Go the quest tab in the main menu and scroll down to search for daily missions. 

Other than these daily missions, the game grants certain weekly challenges. Complete these daily challenges and you can earn 50-100 V-Bucks.

Shield Defense Missions

These missions are a bit tough to complete if you’re a novice player. Consistency is the key, develop your game skills and take part in Storm Shield Missions. If you are just beginning, try with lower levels such as Stone Wood.

Level Up

As you progress within the game, you need to complete missions to earn ‘Tier XP’. As you reach higher levels in the game and gain enough Tier XP, you earn rewards which are usually Fortnite Free V-Bucks. You can look for the prize money for each battle tier on the home page of the game.

Free V-Bucks Generatorget free v bucks

There are various sites available online that grants free V-Bucks. Though generating V-bucks through these sites seems like a tempting offer but its not possible to guarantee the credibility of these sites. Enter your game details and the site will fetch data directly from the official game site and will generate code to be redeemed. 

Social Media Sites

Be active on social media sites and follow bloggers and Youtubers. These people often host giveaways for free V-bucks. You just have to perform simple tasks of sharing and subscribing and you can earn free V-Bucks just like that. Join different groups and clubs on social and interact with other Fortnite players. This will not only expand your network but you can also share progress with other users.free vbucks

With the advancement in the gaming industry, the developers are trying continuously to create games that enhance user experiences as well as are addictive and exciting to play. One such popular game is Fortnite. The game requires users to earn the official game currency V-Bucks. Earning V-bucks through money sometimes becomes difficult. To make this a bit easy, there are alternative ways to earn free V-bucks such as online free V-bucks generator, social media sites and you can also complete various daily and weekly challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need Vbucks to unlock premium game features and reach higher levels before reaching the next level.

You can get free V-Bucks by completing different missions in the game, social media site or free V-Bucks generator.

Yes, you can generate Unlimited V-Bucks but it is advisable to start off with a lower amount and increase gradually.

Vbucks giftcards are the prepaid cards that contain codes to generate set amount of V-Bucks.


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